Monthly Archives: May 2013

May 27

Face-to-Face Advantage of Putting Up a Trade Show

Any kind of promotional activity that gives you a scope to expose your products and services is bound to be fraught with numerous advantages and benefits – one of them happens to be broadening of the business network and incorporating more clients in […]

May 23

The Big Importance of Trade Shows

Expanding business network and staying afloat in the industry are amongst the top priorities of any company or corporate player. Herein you can find the prime importance of a trade show; because it helps you remain in forefront and connect with audie […]

May 21

Print Communication Has a Winning Edge

If you hold a competition between print communication and any other kind of communication, you will see that the former one wins hands down. There are quite a few reasons why such is the case. Pitted against word-of-mouth and online mode of commun […]

May 2

What are the Basic Purpose of Trade Shows?

Trade shows, both on the regional and national level, are designed with a purpose – it is to let know the world what your new business venture is up to. It boils down to one fact – to increase exposure and business sales. Getting noticed by prospecti […]