Pull Up Banners

‘Radium’ Portable Pull-Up Banners

Pull-Up banners are a crucial component of trade show exhibits. In addition to exhibits, it can also be displayed at storefronts, venues for events, strategic locations, etc. and lots of other places where it can grab attention. The versatility of our pull up banners makes it a valued choice for promotions and advertisements. With the help of our talented team, we can create appealing and attractive designs that will scream attention. What you choose to print on the banner is entirely your call. You can showcase images of your products, categories or simply display an important message.

Pull-Up banners are very easy to install. The banner retracts into a cartridge at the base of the stand when it’s not in use and when you want to use it, all you have to do is pull up the banner and place the pole at the base of the back for support. With the ease of setup of our banners, this makes it a preferred promotional display strategy. Most pull-up banners are made of vinyl, though the quality of vinyl may vary and the costs depend on the type of vinyl that’s being used. Vinyl is popular since it’s very durable and has special colour retention qualities, making it the ideal choice when it comes to preserving the banner for many years.

Pull-Up banners also work very well as seasonal offers or promotional in-store displays as they can be put up just about anywhere and they come with a case so it can be transported to multiple locations. All you need to do is place these banners strategically to achive maximum customer attention.