Jun 8
trade show booths

6 Ways to Better Engage Attendees at a Trade Show

In a trade show, you might get attendees to your booth but the main challenge is to keep them engaged. If you’re wondering how this issue can be resolved, then there is an array of strategies to attract attendees and keep them hooked. Starting a conv […]

May 9
trade show booth

6 Tips to Train Your Trade Show Booth Staff

After properly planning the design of your booth, the next most important step is to train your booth staff. The way you train them will trickle into your overall ROI. For instance, if your booth staff is unprofessional, rude or unhelpful its likely […]

May 8
trade show exhibits

4 Tips on Designing a Successful Trade Show

A trade show is an opportunity for sellers to showcase their products and new inventions to buyers. Basically, it’s the perfect setting for buyers and sellers to interact and have the opportunity to display their best in front of potential customers. […]

Apr 10
trade show booth design

The Do’s and Don’ts for Trade Show Booth Design

The success of a trade show booth depends on how effectively you’re conveying your message to visitors and exhibitors. In order to design the trade show booth to achieve the desired result, you need to consider certain do’s and don’ts. Do’s Do […]

Apr 9
portable trade show displays

The Main Advantages of Portable Displays

Portable displays are a great way to draw attention to your booth in the exhibition. They are one of the most crucial elements in trade shows that advertise your company’s name and makes your presence felt. Other details of your services, your produc […]